Why GUSZTOS auctions are the best for buying?

Our auctions are the answer to you, if you

• would like to buy fast and effective,
• would like to buy at real price and not overpriced, 
• don't have time and money to visit dealers all day long, 
• want like to choose from more machines and want to try and check them, 
• need transparency where tricks are locked out of the room, 
• like to buy in a good atmosphere, among friends and colleagues,
• can rely on somebody to transport your machine
• need financing

Because you will always buy under reasonable terms in a clear procedure.

• online industrial auctions with free registration
• accountable additional costs (buyer’s premium)
• easy selection – transparent system
• availability - offers can be followed from anywhere
• traceability - buyers are able to see whether their bid is the highest, or it has been overbidden by a more recent bid

How Do I Register?

It is very simple to register with Gusztos Industrial Auctions, just go to „ Register ” and fill in a few simple private/company details. Following this you are given an anonymous buyer account and you are ready to bid! If you need to change your details, simply go to your „ My E box ” and modify your details here.

How can I take part in an auction and place my bid?

Simply sign in and click on the auction you are interested in. View the lots you like and if you want to make a bid simply log in and enter your bid amount. Any registered buyer can place a bid on any of the Gusztos Industrial Auctions auctions. You will be updated by email if your bid is accepted.

How can I pay?

All payments should be made by euro bank transfer payment unless otherwise written on the actual auction page.

Are my details safe and private?

Gusztos Industrial Auctions does its best to protect the privacy of their buyers. Gusztos Industrial Auctions collects the name, email address, mailing address and VAT number so that your winning bid can be processed. By registering with Gusztos Industrial Auctions, all buyers get a buyer account, all buyers are anonymous. Buyers details are never disclosed on the Gusztos Industrial Auctions website. We suggest that you keep your buyer account and password secret. They are your only identification for your bidding. If you get feedback about a bid that you did not place personally, please contact Gusztos Industrial Auctions immediately by email, at the following address:

Other FAQ’s

  • What happens if I accidently make a bid on a lot I do not want?
    By making a bid online, you accept the general and terms and conditions for the sale. (see general terms and conditions). Bids made and accepted cannot be cancelled so please be careful when bidding!
  • Why does the auction sometimes close later than is written on the auction website?
    As a rule, Gusztos Industrial Auctions auctions close at a fixed time, however, if we get a bid 5 minutes before the closing of the auction, the auction continues on longer for a further 5 minutes.
  • What does it mean if the lot is subject to reservation?
    All lots on the auction have a reserve price which means that following the closing of the auction, the seller has the right to decide if the bids made meet the reserve/minimum price.