Please call us!

If you have agricultural machines, construction machines, trucks & trailers or other industrial machinery for sale please ask our quoting. We will find the optimal solution for one or more machines too. 

To find the most profitable auctioning solution we will support you with advice. Our appraisers will assess the market value of your machine, recommend a starting price, propose a reasonable reserve price and the best form of auction. So that all parties could find their expectations.


Why selling at GUSZTOS industrial auctions?

Our live auctions are the answer for you, if

• you don't find buyer, 
• you don't have time and money to advertise and then host clients who only come to kick the tyres and offer half of the real price, 
• you would like to save time and money and sell your machine in a short period, 
• selling price matters and don't want to sell you machine cheap, 
• you would like to sell at an event in the company of similar sellers, 
• you would like to rely on sombody in the shipping of your machine, 
• you would like to offer bank financing to your buyer,
• transparency is important, and you don't want to get robbed by any dealers or buyers. 


What are the benefits?

Our auctions are:

• international,
• flexibile, and we advise you how, 
• successful and produce better liquidity results than simply selling at ‘fire sale’ prices.

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