„ Register ” for a buyer account, log in,  make your bid.

Buyers are notified if they are a winner and then enter a buyer seller contract. Following receipt of payment an appointment can be made to pick up. 

All lots are possible to view before the closing of the auction. Please check the auction website and make an appointment to view:
Viewing is highly recommended before making a bid as Gusztos Industrial Auctions cannot give any guarantees concerning the condition of your winning lot. Although all dismantling, loading and transport is the sole responsibility of the buyer, we at Gusztos Industrial Auctions will do our very best to supply you with details of partner companies that can assist you to allow for a smooth pick up.



Gusztos Industrial Auctions is not responsible for the transport of your winning lot/lots. Please take carefully note of the pick up date for your auction. Pick up is only permitted following written email confirmation from Gusztos Industrial Auctions. On the pick up day, Gusztos Industrial Auctions cannot guarantee there will be loading equipment available on site. If there is no loading equipment the buyer must take care of this themselves. If the buyer needs some assistance in finding a transport company, Gusztos Industrial Auctions can offer you some companies to contact.



In some cases for some winning lots, dismantling of machinery/line is necessary to be able to transport. Similarly, the responsibility of the machinery lies with the buyer. In case of dismantling, a professional team, cost and time required should be taken into consideration. Gusztos Industrial Auctions would be glad to provide the contact details of dismantling companies that can assist you.



Being a potential seller, would you like to know the current market value of your equipment? Our expert valuators at Gusztos Industrial Auctions can help you, us at the following email, or call us at +36 30 440 2222.



You can bid at our auctions without paying full in cash!

Our banking partners offer you several advantageous possibilities for buying a machine and pay in installments. We will arrange a credit line for you and you can use that for purchasing at GUSZTOS industrial auctions. Please contact us to find the best choice. 

Please remember that you can only bid at our auctions if the credit line is already open, and a proof of it is subjected to GUSZTOS, so please call us well before the auction and say that you will need financing to buy, even choosing the machine. 

The credit approval depends on our banking partners, but you will have to calculate with 15 days once all requested documents are subjected to the bank. 

You can get a credit line through us to buy an asset apart from auctions too.

So please call us or mail us!